introduction to the dragons mirror

The Fallowing of the Golden Dragons Mirror. The campain Is set in Generahawk. D&D 3.5 and or Pathfinder once fully out. Level Aim starting 2nd.

The City of Star Bridge is capital here. built on an island created from the impact crater of a fallen star. The city hosts the worlds largest form of law enforcement. The Mercenary Guild

You are summoned to the main records office. there Payton poor over some reports. a scroll in his hand as he looks through the larger books and files. he continues this for some time even after all of you have gathered. (0001)

The old man turns to you. adjusting the lenses that sat perched on the large nose that adorned his face. eyes starring scrutinizing you all and then finely look back to the scroll in his hand.

“You all should do.”

he said as he walked to his desk. motioning them to come forwards.

“As your probably already aware. you five are about to get your first mission together. now dont worry its not going to be to difficult. just a research mission.” He picks up his quill and began to write. on what appeared to be contracts.

“A group of gypsies have notified us to something concerning. A small town far to the south has apparently walled themselves in. The gypsies are concerned as the guards are not letting anyone in. claiming only the pure of heart can enter the city.”

“Now normally this wouldn’t be anything more then a religion may have taken over the town. However are census is showing people we know have a criminal record residing there. And that the populous is increasing steady with a 0% crime rate. Again not to concerning accept this city lies close to the border between us and a country were under strenuous ties with. We worry that either we are receiving false reports or something much deeper is going on. “

He pulls out a small map that was sitting on his desk showing the way to the town.

“We will arrange travel for you tomorrow morning so use the rest of the day to get your things together. Its about a weeks travel. So make sure your prepared for a long ride. As this will be by carriage. Simply complete your report on what you find there in detail then let us know and we will send someone to pick you back up that’s in the area.”

He hands you the details of the mission. The scroll he had been holding in his hands.

You break the seal and open the mission objective.

_Investigate the reports of strange behavior in the small hamlet of Suns grove. _

Reports have come in from concerned citizens involving a the goingons within Sunsgrove. Reports stay that they are screening travelers. Only allowing people in after reviewing there humanity or so they say.

We the guild need confirmation of several things.

1st. To access the overall screening processes the small hamlet is putting people through.

2nd To check the level of security being placed around such a small town.

3rd Rumor has it that several known criminals have recently settled in the hamlet. Given the security going in to place it would be highly doubtful but check it out anyways. There names are listed below.

4th take a look for anything out of place of what is being rumored. If this town is suppose to be showing a perfect place to live it is likely something darker is being covered up by all this.

Please do not get in over your heads rookies. If you do discover something and are sure you can take care of it on your own go right ahead. Just remember you are representing the guild. If you fail or get in over your heads you may not wish to come back. Be careful and call for back up if needed. We have included a relay crystal if needed. Use it wisely as it has limited power and a long recharge time. You will find it in the bag or provisions you were given along with the map and sketches.

Individuals rumored spotted with a criminal background

Kira Bernard banks. List of charges include robbery, smuggling, incidental manslaughter. (partner fell out of carriage while making an escape)

Giles Hammerstine. List of Charges include. Robbery, Kidnapping,

Harold Stonweaver: List of charges include: Arisen, Criminal conspiracy.

Lucius “the fist” Bloodmaul: Lit of charges include: Assault. Kidnapping. Murder. Fencing. Robbery. Murder 1st degree. Felony theft, Destruction of federal property.

Artist renderings are enclosed in the bag provided. Good luck

Once you have a chance to look over the scroll the chancellor picks up a small bag handing it to you. He explains. “Inside are some additional tools to help with the mission. Including a few credits to make sure you can get a room.

Contents of the bag.

Individuals with a Criminal Background Sketches, A small coin purse with around 50 gold coins, enough for a few nights and some warm meals. , Guilds Two way Communications Crystals, Map To the town of Sunsgrove, Conscript for passage to and from Sunsgrove

With this you are dismissed.


As you head for the Exit to the courtyard a few of your class mates. others new to the guild you have made yourself acquainted with wish you luck on your first mission. though you are not to be discussing the details of which with anyone outside of your party many of them ask all the same what it is your heading out to do.


Outside a guard awaits you to see you are on your way. he hails you. “Hello there. Your the group heading to Sunsgrove?” He nods at your response. “Very good There is a convoy about to leave heading north. your passes are to hitch a ride as far as the road to suns grove. Youll be working as guards for the short ride. dont worry should be easy. biggest thing out on the road is the occasional bandit. ” The pauses as the clock tower strikes ten in the morning. “Well you better get going they should be heading out soon. there across the bridge in the main town. Just ask a guard if you have any trouble finding them. there the only convoy forming up today.” With that he returns to his post by the door.

As you go to leave across the bridge a pair of guards stop you asking to see some ID. all that is needed would be the signet ring all members of the guild have or the conscript that was given to you by the chancellor. (0004)

introduction to the dragons mirror

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