dragons mirror chapter one The arrival

(0001) The Caravan stops along the road northward. one of the coachman walks back to speak with you all.

“Mercenaries! This would be your stop here.”

He points to the east along a fork in the road leading to a bridge crossing a narrow part in the river.

Sunsgrove Is just across there and into the woods. Good luck on whatever your task may be.” With that he turns and walks back up to the front wagon the caravan begins moving once more.

A large wooden bridge spans the river you have been fallowing the past few days. connecting the main road to the road on the other side. It its a well traveled bridge but also well keept for being as old as it is and made of wood unlike the large bridge back home made of star metal.

The River below is deep but not as wide as it is further down. schools of fish can be seen lurking around the pylons that support the bridge. and several bare spots along the banks indicate common fishing spots.

The Road leads back into the woods a little ways. small brassieres line the road indicating civilization up ahead. As you round the bend you see many a camp. mostly gypsies and the like. some just the camp fire pit remains. but there are still far more people out here then usually squat outside a town. Some sit and stir ashes. while others are making lunch. some playing an instrument others writing. but all appear to be traveling entertainers of some sort or the other. You think it is quite possible that one of these gypsies is the one that gave the ill edged report. (0002)

You approach the town to find a large ten foot stone wall with ramparts and all has been erected around the city. and a pair of guards stand at the gate of what once was to be a peaceful tent community of a town. The guards stand ready as you step forward.(0003)


one announces as you step forward.

“No one gets into to town without passing the test.”

(0004) The guards have you step forward the portcullis sealed tight behind them. your not getting in unless they say so. They each pull a mirror and begin to walk around you. there eyes watching your reflection rather then you. it is a lovely mirror. looking to be a golden dragon head with the glass of the mirror held between its horns.

(More to be posted as the party gets there.)

dragons mirror chapter one The arrival

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