Chancellor Payton

Older man that enjoys books and telling other people to go away.


about 5’6” Payton has spent a good amount of his life musing over books until the [[the Guild]] put him to work processing requests. he is an older man with thinning white hair who wears oversize robes.


Chancellor Payton is a respected member of the mercenaries guild. Usualy involved with some of the more estranged records. requests or comments the do not fit in with the normal that the guild receives. As such he has also been tasked with picking out a few of these so called requests regularly to assign to up and coming members of the guild. Assigning these tasks and reflecting the outcome as charity work to add face to the guild.

He is an older man in his late 60s. he is of average height and of thinning white hair. The man for someone assigned to such a social position has the temperament of an old boar and would much rather be locked away with his books but due to his sense of duty puts up with wiper snappers and the likes of you.

Chancellor Payton

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