Rohod Delruse

A young boy born blind for some reasion is the most chipper little fella youll ever meet for someone who lives there life in pure darkness.


Young Blind Rohod

A young boy looking to be no more in 12. dark hair and white eyes. hes obviously blind though from how he moves you wouldn’t see that. he carries a walking stick but he does not use it to guide himself. always with a smile on his face and always seeming to know where he is going.


Young Rohod dreams to one day actually see the world he had been thrust upon. An orphan in life as much as in this town he wonders about originally listening to plays but now with the walls up he feels as if the stories no longer matter. he became more interested in those passing through the gate. how strange they all suddenly seem to him. familiar. names. voices. but tones and attitudes all different. he seeks to now find out what has happened to his once simple rugged little town.

Rohod Delruse

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