Dragons Mirror

First day
the insanity begines

The adventures took longer then expected. that blasted rogue insisted on getting drunk and lost in the hallways. took sending a Teacher after him to get him back on task.

Payton did not seem to care one way or another how long they took to get there. though the monk got a little upset and began questioning the pages running around. thankfully he understands to be upset at the rogue not the chancellor not wanting to repeat himself. after there briefing they headed on there own ways until morning.

Dwyn the rogue returned to his usual haunting of the hogs head bar. he didn’t like being a group but he was assuming that this was a group of suckers so at least it will be amusing. He decided to test this theory as he noticed the cleric walk in. Rikali smiled as she noticed the rogue. commeig over to talk to him about the task at hand and why he was late. as she spoke the rogue took his chance and his hand soon found its way into the unsuspecting clerics pocket. she didn’t even notice however she was no fool. and did not bring purse or coin with her. Though with the bat of an eye and a few silver words it was the cleric that picked the rogues pocket convincing him to buy her a pitcher of fine ale.

The monk Kwon got a little sparing in with a future instructor its always good to see new people making friends and getting ust to the guild so quickly. They made a few coin with an arrow catching game they started. Though the two monks quickly donated it to the chapel after bowing and parting ways.

The Bar bar had dinner for ten and went to bed.

And so Time passes until the morning. and are group gathers to leave.

A gaggle of priestly classmates approach Rikali excited to see there friend being sent off on a mission so soon. Rikali smile at the attention but kept her head held high as she refused to say a word. even at the captain of the north tower whos attention she had drawn. but when she continued to not spill her secrets he left her be with a small bag of healing tiles a reward for not cracking under pressure.


It was looking okay. there getting the hang of talking to old Ung. the barbar. he speaks in small words and hand signs. Im proud to see Rikali the young cleric take a leadership position in this. The rogue Dwyn is being predictable a few flirts with the women on the caravan and having his rear parked on the back of a wagon riding as much of the trip as he can. The monk Kwon sitting on a small pallet on the back of a wagon in meditation. It was then that Rikali noticed the air had grown still and silent. those who listened noticed the birds had stopped singing. the oxen on the convoy had stopped mooing. It was as if the world stood still. A Sharp whistle from the rogue and Cleric rang out as the battle cries echoed from the field to the west of the path. an ambush. as a band of orcs lept forth from the brush. A Small band about 7 or so. barely armored with scimitars and there teeth. the week leather armor hung from there bodies loosely. one could almost pity the obviously failed clan who hoped they had finely found an easy target. They approached the convoy like a wave of water rushing in to whatever may get in there way.

Dwyn was fast having noticed the ambush before it could be sprung. diving under a wagon to seek shelter within the shadows and wheels the spry rogue sat and waited for an ambush of his own.

Ung had not seen it coming but soon had drawn Big. His one and only sword. and proceeded to look for the largest target. one small unsuspecting orc that had not noticed that the barbarian was laying asleep up at the head of the wagon. he barked for people to run for safety at the river bank. as the large steel blade glinted in the sunlight. an imposing form that’s only mission was to become even more so.

As Ung sliced with his masterful blade. chopping the orc in two a Bellowing roar sounded out from the field as orcs bearing javelins rose out of the tall grass. along with one very very large orc. the leader of the orc band. he raised his massive scimitar as he shouted. “KILL THEM ALL!” bolstering his forces moral. It was with this that Ung knew his next target.

Kwon droped from the wagon and approached one of the orcs going for the oxen pulling the next wagon. not one to be unfair he tapped the orcs shoulder to get his attention before unleashing a flurry of blows that sent the orc flying. dead before he even hit the ground. Satisfied with himself the monk gave a soft smile at the good workout he knew this would provide. raiseing his glance he looked to the boss orc and wasted no time running and plowing into the grass straight twards the orc war party leader.

The javalen throwers loosed there weapons only two finding there mark. one felling a poor oxen in the front most carrage makeing a roadblock to keep the others from running forwards. the other catching Dwyn by suprise at the exact moment he caught the orc foolish enough to approach the wagon he was hideing under. Dwyn had managed to sneek up on the orc performing several slashing attacks one managing to sever the orcs head before being struck in the rear by the offending projectile.

Rikali defended herself and was about to attempt to bless the party when her sliver words were enterupted by the roar and breath of the attacking orc. she was struck but not hard enough to do more then interupt the spell. before she attacked back. the mace landing a good blow upside the orcs skull. dazeing it far more then it had dazed her.

The leader of the band of orcs had swung at Ung as he approached but he underestimated the distance in ung closeing and missed. The Barbarien unleashed a mighty blow one that could wind even the biggest of orcs. sliceing through the front of his armor as black blood leaked forth. One of the Javein throwers took this chance and took aim at ung. The Javlin flew through the air heading straight for his targets unarmored back. Only to be stoped but inches from its final destination. Kwon gave a satisfied grin. the javlin now in his hand. snatched from the air it had been flying though as Kwon saved his friend from a devistating attack.

(more coming in the morning to late now need sleep)


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